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Here at Digital Dreamz & Journeyz, we take very seriously what we post on this website. In order to bring you the most enlightening experience while you are browsing this page, we have worked very hard at making this site simple. We ask that you respect the content and material found on this website and follow by these terms of use.

The following paragraphs disclose our on-line terms of use for this website: http://www.CustomizedEvents.com

First and foremost, we are not responsible for pages that are not within the CustomizedEvents.com domain and are in no way resposible for the content or informtaion gathering of the websites in which we have provided links. However, we ask that anytime that you visit a website that we have included a link to, you respect and abide by their terms of use as well, keeping in mind that links provided to you from this website should be used at your own risk.

This webpage is a sub sector of Customized Events LLC, which is a various events servicing company.


Table Of Contents:

      1. Use Of Site, Its Material, And Any Content
      2. Our Links To Other Sites
      3. Your Private, Personal Information
      4. Your Public Material That Belongs To Us
      5. Our Limitation Of Liability
      6. Any Applicable Laws (Local, State, Or International)
      7. Copyright, Trademark, And All Rights Reserved
      8. Anyone Linking To CustomizedEvents.com
      9. Subject To Change Without Notice
      10. How To Contact Us Regarding These Matters

Use Of Site, Its Material, And Any Content

All the content and materials found on thi site are righted to Digital Dreamz & Journeyz / Customized Events LLC or belong to some other entity and cannot be reproduced without the permission of the said entity. This includes but is not limited to text, images, pictures, video, audio, or any other materials. You may only view the materials on this website for your own personal use and content is not to be used for commercial gain. Modifying, reproducing, distributing, publicly displaying, performing with, or altering any materials or content is strictly forbidden. Many of the things found on this website are protected under copyright and trademark laws and using them for another website or any other commercial use is a violation of the terms of this agreement. Using any materials on this website in such said manner will result in the termination of your ability to view or use this website in any way. If this happens, any copied or downloaded materials must be immediately destroyed.

Our Links To Other Sites

Within our webpage we may offer links to other familiar sites as a convenience to our visitors. While we do our best to ensure that our links are at the same level of trust as ourselves, we can in no way garuantee the validity of the sites that we are linked and are in no way responsible for the content found on those sites. By wiewing these sites you are leaving our website and entering a new domain. Any software, products, or services found on that website are neither endorsed or affiliated with the products found on our website. Any problems or circumstances from materials viewed or programs installed from those sites are the responsiblity of those sites and any concerns should be addressed to the webmaster or owner of that site.

Your Private, Personal Information

Any problems resulting from information that you may enter from our site are the responsibility of either yourself, our company, or any links that may ask for your information. By filling out an availability form found on this website, you are allowing more than one entity the rights to your information. Everything in our power is relegated to keeping your privacy secure, however we are in no way responsible for the linking event building company that obtains your personal information. If you do not want anyone other than Digital Dreamz & Journeyz / Customized Events to recieve your personal information, do not fill out any on-line forms. Instead contact us directly so that we may go over any further details.

Your Public Material That Belongs To Us

We reserve the right to distribute any audio, images, pictures, video, information, or any other materials which we obtain from any event that our services are utilized. From time to time, we may post these materials on our website and take no responsiblity over the content of those media or materials. Visitors to this site do not have the right to copy, distribute, or alter any of those media or materials and the doing of such may result in termination of use, court actions, and possibly imprisonment or fines. If we provide our services for an event and a client wishes for those materials to not be posted, recorded, or utilized in anyway, their opinion must be stated before the event begins and failure to do so may result in the loss of the right to have say in the matter regarding posted media or materials.

Our Limitation Of Liability

We place no garuantee over the content of this website and take no responsiblity over the accuracy of the information displayed. We are not responsible for typographical errors, misprints, or omissions found with this website. Prices quoted are to be interpreted as US dollars and are not in any way garuanteed as a set price when weighing in other factors such as extras or additional service charges for client's desires. The prices and services found on this site are only valid at the time that they are posted and any other services or prices are no longer valid. Your use of this site is at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for the things you do while you visit this site.

Any Applicable Laws (Local, Sate, Or International)

We make no claim that the use of this website is appropriate for any areas outside of the United States and in areas where its access is illegal or prohibited. You may not transport any materials or copy any information across US borders; this is valid as per any law concerning the regulation of US exportation and infringement. Using this website outside of the United States or in areas where prohibited is of you own initiative and you are responsible for knowing the law where you are viewing this website. This website shall follow and be governed in accordance with any laws within the State of Michigan and is under jurisdiction of the laws for its locality.

Copyright, Trademark, And All Rights Reserved

The logos, graphics, and materials that are associated with Digital Dreamz & Journeyz / Customized Events LLC are the property of said company and are possibly trademarked / copyrighted. Therefore, the unauthorized use of any such materials is strictly prohibited. Any logos or graphics for other companies found on this website are the property of those companies and fall under those companies' use policies.

Anyone Linking To CustomizedEvents.com

Any person or company linking to CustomizedEvents.com may only do so with the permission of our company. When linking to our website, you may not replicate any content and make any implication that Digital Dreamz & Journeyz / Customize Events endorses or supports any of your products or services. There shall be no misrepresentation or false claims about Digital Dreamz & Journeyz / Customized Events products or services, its relationship with your company, and you shall make no false claim about something found within this website. You may not use any trademarked or copyrighted materials as your own or make any logo / graphic link using such material without the expressed permission of Digital Dreamz & Journeyz / Customized Events or any of its sub-companies. As well, it is asked that your website shall be in good taste, contain appropriate content for all concerned, and not contain anything harmful, offensive, or that puts others in harms way.

Subject To Change Without Notice

Everything found within this website and the policies laid forth by Digital Dreamz & Journeyz / Customized Events LLC are subject to change without notice. The prices, promotions, or packages within this website may change without notice, as well as the services implied, and any information posted previously on this website is no longer valid. Any changes that occur are supported by Digital Dreamz & Journeyz / Customized Events LLC and are a direct result of a change in policy.

How To Contact Us Regarding These Matters

To contact us regarding any concerns over our terms of use, you can reach us at:

Digital Dreamz & Journeyz
607 Byerly Street
Owosso, MI 48867
Phone: (989) 723-4211

You may contact us through email by following this link.

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