From The People Who Create This Website

As a service to you (the visitor to this site), we strive to make this domain easy and simple to understand. That is one of the reasons why we have chosen to take the reigns when it comes to the building of this site. While in the future as the company grows, there is no doubt that we will have to hire somone with the correct background to design our websites. However, as of right now we would like to keep it as close to our viewpoint as possible so that we do not deter clients with misinformation.

As of right now, David and Brian are both learning as they go along, applying what they know already to build this website and try to make it as understandable as possible. While they fathom that there are literally thousands of different options when it comes to the designing of websites, they are complacent on providing you with the most familiar, easy to download site that they can. It has been one major learning process and looks to continue to grow as such with the directions that the world wide web is taking.

While we are at an okay point right now, we would like to learn more about website design and graphic creation. We encourage anyone with the knowledge or tools to do so, please offer your suggestions when it comes to the building of our website. Any comments or concerns would be highly appreciated.

To contact us regarding any of your website concerns, you can reach us at:

Digital Dreamz & Journeyz
607 Byerly Street
Owosso, MI 48867
Phone: (989) 723-4211

You may contact us through email by following this link.

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