About Us


Like some of the best things ever discovered or invented, The Digital DJz actually formed by mere chance one day in the fall of 2000. It was around this time that Alex and David, two normal guys, were both working together as computer operations analysts for a large company in Lansing, Michigan. It was also around this time that while at their same-old everyday job they would make a bet between each other that would forever change the shape of things to come. At the time, both gentlemen were not heavily into music or the nightlife or the disc jockey life. But they did appreciate a good song and both had a keen ear for music. At this time MP3 technology was relatively new on the scene and Alex and David, two computer guys, decided to compete to see who, between the two of them, could compile a better mixed playlist using the music that each owned. At the time, it was just kind of one of those things to pass the time and keep the blood flowing to stay lively at work.

Alex & David in the good old days; notice the CPUs.

Well, after spending a couple months converting all of their CDs into the smaller MP3 computer file format, they presented their creations to the judges (co-workers) and awaited the results. Each was in it to win it and wanted to taste the gold. However, after listening to the very eclectic playlists, the judges came to a screeching halt. It would seem that the judges could not decide between Alex or David and declared the competition a complete tie. More than anything, everybody just enjoyed listening to the music and dug these two cool cat's groovy tunes. So when somebody jokingly commented that they should head down a new road and take up the DJ life....well, the rest was history and Digital DJz was born.

Ace & Q-Ball horsing around at a Halloween party.

With an intense interest in music of all genres and years of computer programming and operations experience, the two DJz created a system that would use only computers to play music, display impressive light shows, and entertain clients. The road was rocky at first and much has been learned since the initial competition, especially about the ins and outs of the business. Alex and David kept building playlists together and entertaining clients for quite some time, lugging around heavy computers and equipment, making them the first all digital DJs right from the start. Since that time, Alex has left the business and moved on to his other passion of freelance photography, but Dave continues to own and operate the entertainment company, which has now expanded to Customized Events. And that my friends brings us relatively up to the current state of affairs betterwise known as the present...

About Us