Meet The Staff

Owner: David

One of the initial driving forces behind the creation of Digital DJz, David has been the proud owner of Customized Events LLC since its inception almost a decade ago. As with any entertainment company owner, David has a real passion for every aspect of entertainment and really enjoys what he does. However, unique to David is a desire to provide quality, affordable entertainment on a totatlly customizable level. And with the knowledge and skils to do just that, David has proven himself a force to be reckoned with in the entire Mid-Michigan entertainment arena. And just to fill you in as to how committed David is to the Mid-Michigan area I'll tell you that David has called Michigan his home almost his whole life (with the exception of his time in the Army) and he currently lives with his family in Owosso, Michigan which is also where Digital DJz is headquartered.

It's just David in his natural element.

David has always had an interest in the entertainment field, especially with a musician for a father. After graduating and doing his time in the Armed Services, David moved on to a major department store where he worked for several years in the video department. This is where David picked up his other true love, video entertainment, which looks to be a direction for Digital DJz in the near future. Since that time, David has worked as an Operations Analyst for several major companies in the national arena. But more than anything, David has focused on his new true love, the entertainment field. Using the skills he has learned through his many years as an unmatched talent in the workforce, David has excelled in seeing his dreams become reality. David is married with two children and spends his free time at home with the family enjoying the finer things that life has to offer.

When David's time isn't free, he spends it focused on Customized Events LLC and seeing to it that his dreams become a reality. As well, David enjoys DJing when he can and enjoys entertaining the masses on a personal level. It seems that with the help of his friends, David is poised to change the world and offer it a new way to think of quality entertainment as an affordable alternative to what everybody has becomed accustomed to in their lives.

Meet The Staff