Meet The Staff

Owner: Yvonne

A big part of the magic behind the scenes of Digital DJz is David's wife Yvonne. Whether she's answering phone calls, logging in client information, scheduling employees, designing equipment, or updating the computers, Yvonne is always busy at keeping Digital DJz a driving force in mobile entertainment for the Mid-Michigan area. And she's never afraid to confront an employee to keep them in line with the companies' desires.

Besides those characteristics, Yvonne is a hardworker and there's no two ways about it. Just recently, Yvonne worked with David for the remodeling of the Digital DJz office, assisted as a fill-in disc jockey in an emergency crisis, amd volunteered the company for a long-awaited fundraiser event. While Yvonne might sometimes wish just to remain behind the scenes and would rather regard herself as a hidden asset, her hard work shows through to the surface of every Digital DJz event.

Yvonne all dressed up for a Girl Scout event.

And she has continued to offer her services while at the same time staying busy with the up-keep of their home, the caring of their two children, and all the other work she seems to manage to pull herself into as well. (Yvonne recently enlisted the girls into Girl Scouts and has been a dedicated parent to the cause ever since.) When not busy with Digital DJz, Yvonne spends her time doing her true passion, reading romance novels. As well, she spends time with her family and is always the big hit around the holidays when it comes to family get togethers. While Yvonne does almost everything behind the scenes, she remains in front of the scenes when it comes to David' heart. (They both met in the video area of the major department store where they both worked and instantly fell in love.)

As Digital DJz and Customized Events LLC both grow, Yvonne will remain a key figure in ensuring the success of both companies. She's one of our crew. And knowing Yvonne, we don't think she would have it any other way.

Meet The Staff