Meet The Staff

Disc Jockey: Ace

Surprise, surprise, surprise! You've been fooled; well kind of anyway. For what you haven't yet realized is that DJ Ace is none other than Digital DJz owner David. That's right. When he isn't busy between his job as an Operations Analyst and the managing of Digital DJz, DJ Ace is most likely at an event provding wholesome, humorous entertainment for all sorts of crowds.

Throughout his childhood and even into adulthood, Ace always seemed to be the hit of the party and the happy-go-lucky guy of any bunch. Never fearing what would come next, he always found himself the go to guy when it came to having fun. That's why it's no surprise to those who know him that he would take up DJing as a favorite past-time and continue to keep the lgihter side of things a driving force in his life. With a love for every genre of music, Ace always specializes in knowing just exactly the right song for every moment.

DJ Ace looking like he's getting serious.

Whether it's a birthday celebration, an anniversary party, wedding reception, nightclub line-up, or whatever, DJ Ace always seems to have a keen ear for what should come next. And being entirely relaxed and understanding in almost any situation, DJ Ace prides himself on being the cool, collective guy when it comes to the importance of an event. He treats every event as professional and important as if it where the biggest day in a person's life; and fortunately sometimes it is.

Without the spirit and drive of DJ Ace, Digital DJz wouldn't be as unique as what it has grown to become. And with a positive attitude and a watchful eye for the DJz in his staff, DJ Ace brings a brand of entertainment to the table that's garuanteed to be a hit at any event.

Ace is an ace on the business end of Digital DJz and the one and only DJ Ace when it comes to Digital DJz entertainment.

Meet The Staff