Meet The Staff

Disc Jockey: Q-Ball

Perhaps the most outspoken of all the Digital DJz staff would be DJ Q-Ball. Whether he's spouting off zingers he heard one time at some event, improvising some quick one-liners that will leave you rolling in the isles, or giving you entire monologues that you know he must have stayed up all night preparing, DJ Q-Ball (A.K.A. Bryan) takes the cake as the man on a mission to bring humor to those of us who can't remember a funny line to save our lives.

And with an extensive knowledge of popular music and trivial facts, Q-Ball comes prepared to handle almost any event and can do so in almost any form. As well, in the rare case of an emergency situation (ie: the power supply cutting out), Q-Ball manages to always come up with some quick-witted unexpected rebuttle that always seems to save the day. Any event is always a fun time with DJ Q-Ball around, but it's also true that when it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and really focus, DJ Q-Ball has no problem taking the reigns.

DJ Q-Ball with an interesting glint in his eyes.

Q-Ball began his career as a disc jockey at a very young age when he was still in high school and you still had to lug around heavy cases of records to every event to which you went to perform. After that time, Q-Ball went through further schooling and graduated from Specs-Howard School Of Broadcasting, has worked at several types of venues as a disc jockey including the fomer WOAP radio station of Owosso, 103.9 The Fox radio station of Flint, and what is now Roll Haven (the local roller skating rink) and has even spent some time as an amatuer photographer for Digital Dreamz and Journeyz to get the feel of an event from a totally brand new and different perspective.

Whether it's a great time where the fun never ends or a nice exquisite evening with a playlist of great music that you seek, having DJ Q-Ball as the emcee at your event is a sure-fire way to hear good things about your special night for many years to come.

Meet The Staff