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Disc Jockey: ReCoNyZ

There may be some doubt that the music fever runs high through everybody. But there's little doubt that the music bug thrives in DJ ReCoNyZ and has crawled its way into every crevice within his soul. Originally a child of the mid 80's to early 90's tunes, DJ ReCoNyZ (A.K.A. Brian) quickly grew to fall in love with every style of music under the sun. By the time he was surfing the radio in his early twenties, DJ ReCoNyZ was soaking up every form of music from the early part of the century to the time where no person had gone before. Before long, ReCoNyZ became the go to guy for tons of band info, artist names, and song lyrics.

Fortunately, music wasn't DJ ReCoNyZ' only true calling. His first and foremost love was always the humorous side of life and with that a love for broadcasting and live theatre. By the time he was old enough to breathe, ReCoNyZ was on a mission to entertain the masses. With an early start in theatre classes in middle school, a later stint in radio broadcasting in high school at WOES The Polka Palace, and then a chance to take the stage a few times on the open mike circuit, ReCoNyZ was on his way to becoming a contender in the world of show.

DJ ReCoNyZ finding humor in someone's request.

Oddly enough, before meeting up with the Digital DJz, ReCoNyZ had already mapped out what he thought would be the destiny his life would take. However, as a wise man once said, "Sometimes life gets in the way of living." Now there's no doubt that the course for ReCoNyZ is bringing entertainment to everybody. And fortunately, ReCoNyZ realizes that sometimes the most important thing he can do is rock out and really enjoy the music, even when he's got to stay focused and give every event his perfect attention.

If you're looking for a DJ whose never afraid to get his feet wet and try new things because he's probably simply too young to know any better or a DJ with a pass to the front of every almost event class, having an event with ReCoNyZ as the emcee is a garuanteed way to get everything you're looking for and maybe even more than you might have ever expected.

Meet The Staff