Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Where are the Digital DJz headquarters relative to where I am located?

The Digital DJz are located in Owosso, Michigan, USA. Owosso is about 33 miles north east of Lansing, about 20 miles west of Flint, and about 85 miles northeast of Detroit. If you are located in Michigan, Digital DJz are right around the corner from you. If you are located in another state or in a separate country, Digital DJz may be just an earshot away or perhaps further than you may like to a hire a DJ for an event. However, no matter the event, we bring our excellent services with us wherever we may go.

Follow this link for directions to the Digital DJz headquarters.


In what areas will the Digital DJz provide their services?

The Digital DJz will entertain for any event at any location on the face of the entire planet. However, the Digital DJz normally only provide entertainment services within a 50-mile radius from downtown Owosso, Michigan without any additional charges or fees.

For events that take place outside the 50-mile radius, you'll want to contact our office for our travelling rates as they may vary. As well, please know that if you have a certain DJ in mind for your event, their willingness to entertain may flucuate based on the distance of travel required from them.


How long have you been in business?

Digital DJz has been a mobile entertainment company for nearly a decade since it was first created by Alex and David back in the early days of digital media.

Follow this link for more company information regarding Digital DJz.


What seperates you guys from other DJ services?

Digital DJz offers total customization. We believe that our clients should be in charge of their event from beginning to end, if that's what they would like anyway. If they'd like us to take the reigns, we can do that as well too.


If we hire you for an event, when do you setup?

Systems Without Lighting: Approx. 45 Min. before scheduled start time.
Systems With Lighting: Approx 90 Min. before scheduled start time.

Add 5 to 10 Min. per extra lighting and/or effect that is not included in the package that you have selected for your event.

There is no additional charge for this standard set-up and tear down time that we have alotted to our clients for their events.


Can we request you to setup early?

Yes. For a small fee (based on 2 hour increments), we will gladly setup early.


Do you provide any type of sound support, like microphones or hook-ups, for other vendors at events? (IE: bands, musicians etc.)

No. To avoid complications that may compromise the success of your event, we choose not to connect our systems with those of other vendors. This helps us to avoid power issues, sound quality problems, and many other unforeseen circumstances that may arise when inter-connecting untested equipment.

Frequently Asked Quesitons