Frequently Asked Questions

Music & Equipment

What kinds of music do you have in your playlist library?

We have music for everybody, which means every taste and every style. We carry not only your pre-requested music and/or tracks but our specific library of thousands of songs, so we are always prepared for your guest's requests. Furthermore, we strive to take everyone into consideration and because of this fact we generally play music across a wide gamut or range! And if you only want to hear a certain style of music, you can customize our selection right down to every song we play for the evening as long as you let us know that this is what you wish in advance.

Follow this link to search for specific music found within our entire music library.

Please note: Repeats of songs in our library are likely due to the number of our entertainment systems in which that specific song resides.


Can you provide music for a specific type of event?

Yes. We can even provide music for an entire wedding ceremony using our extensive selection of music. As well, we come well equipped to handle almost every type of event from kids birthday parties to high school reunions to anniversary parties, school dances, public events, or whatever. As far as weddings go, we can provide music for any part of your event from the ceremony to the reception and whatever else you might have in mind. Our playlists are designed to find the right song for the right moment at any event.

Follow this link to search for specific information about the music styles we carry.


Do you accept requests at events?

Yes, typically it is our policy to accept guests and invitees requests at events. However, if a client wishes for us not to accept requests or to omit a certain style of music for the evening, we will have no problem catering to this need. Our DJs are knowledgeable in all areas of music and can likely work around any request issues without any problems.

Follow this link to pre-request music for your event.


Do you download all your songs?

No. In fact, at the present time we do not currently download any of our songs. Certain laws apply to the downloading of songs when it comes to mobile entertainment and to stay in step with the law, Digital DJz chooses not to download any songs at this time. All of the songs that are in our library are backed up by CDs that have been purchased legally.


Will you play a song off my CD at an event?

Typically we do not play CDs of guests at events to prevent any problems that might arise from the computer not reading a CD appropriately or a virus that might be present on the CD. However, if you are a client that has booked us in advance and has let us know that you have a certain song off a CD that you would like for us to play, we will typically make an exception in this instance.

We must be notified of your desire for us to play a mixed or burned CD in advance in order to play any tracks off the CD.


What kind of equipment do you use?

We use high quality, professional mobile dj equipment for superior music quality and quick assembly and tear-down at events. As well, we offer lighting with all of our entertainment packages and are willing to include extra items and equipment at an additional charge.

Follow this link to review the type of equipment we generally use at events.


Do you provide disco balls, fog machines, bubble machines, glow lights, etc?

We offer many add-in's. Please contact us with your questions about the availibity of each add-in for a specific entertainment system.


Do you provide party supplies or prizes and awards?

We only include party supplies in the Extreme Gala Package, but party supplies, prizes, and awards can be added (for an additional fee) to any of the other packages, if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions