Frequently Asked Questions


For what kinds of events do you typically provide your services?

Generally, we specialize in providing our services for weddings. However, we have entertained for several other types of events and have playlists designed for almost any specific event. If you cannot find your event type located within our services pages that doesn't mean we won't provide service for this event. We are willing to provide disc jockey entertainment for any type of event and are willing to update our library in time for your event so that we may provide you with the best of entertainment.

Follow this link to search for information on specific event types.


Are your DJs prepared to handle my event?

Our professional DJs are trained to handle specific details concerning a wide range of events. From weddings to school dances to anniversary parties, our DJs are trained to follow your specific timeline and requests to make your event the success that you would like it to be. As well, our DJs are great at improvising your timeline in lieu of unforeseen circumstances. Feel free to contact us with any concerns you might have over the specifics of your event.


Can I change something about my event before the event date?

Yes. In fact, our guests are strongly encouraged to utilize our Gigbuilder request system and on-line event planner to ensure that their event meets up with their ever-evolving demands. Our on-line Gigbuilder system allows you to take control over every aspect of your event. Hypothetically, you could even plan your entire event on-line and never have to meet us directly or speak to us over the phone, although we encourage you to meet us in person to get a feel for the services we are offering and to go over any finite details.

(Please Note: The Gigbuilder system locks up two weeks before your event so we don't miss any changes you might want to make to your event. If you need to change anything after this two week deadline, please contact our offices so we may make the changes for you.)

Follow this link to login to our on-line event planner.


Do you offer Karaoke services?

Yes, we do!!!

And, we are currently working on updating our music library to include even more Karaoke as an option for your future event.

Follow this link to find out more information about adding Karaoke to your event.

Follow this link to find out more information about our 4 hour "Karaoke Experience" package.

Follow this link to find out more information about our 7 hour " Karaoke Revolution" package.


Do you offer video jockey services?

Video jockeying is one of the fastest growing forms of jockey entertainment, however, at the present time we do not offer this service. We are currently definitely looking into this option as a possiblity for the very near future. If this is something that you would like in time for your event, please contact us so that we may go over any further details.


What would it take to have games or prizes in time for my event?

Depending on what you are desiring, Digital DJs currently offers several various types of dances, games, and prizes for most any event. Please contact us so may further go over the possibilities with you!


Do you offer dance leaders or party hosts?

At the current time we do not offer professional dance leaders or party hosts but are looking into this avenue for the future. If you are interested in this for an upcoming event, please contact us so we may go over any further details.


What if I don't find the type of service I need for my event on this website?

Feel free to contact us so that we may go over details with you and see about providing this service in time for your event.

Follow this link to find contact information for the Digital DJz.

Frequently Asked Questions