Music Genres

As our company has grown, so has our song and music library. What started out as a bet to see who could create the best playlist has grown into a library of 50,000 songs and is still growing. While we have a familiarity with a certain group of songs that we traditionally would refer back to, we also have a large database of songs that are available for events that wouldn't fall under the typical playlist or event category.

Listed below are several various music styles and genres that we are always continuing to update and grow. While some genres we have are quite full (ie. #1's), there are other genres that we would love to see expand even further. As we continue to update this website, we will continue to make each of the genres listed below into a clickable link where you can learn more about the songs that we carry and decide on what would work best for your event.

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# 1's Merengue
Adult Contemproary Metal
Alternative Motown
Anniversary Mountain
Anthems Movie Themes
Bayou New Wave
Beach & Island Occasion
Big Band Oldies
Birthday Old Land
Bluegrass One Hit Wonders
Blues Orchestral
Bolero Party
Cha-Cha Party Favorites
Christian Paso Dable
Classic Rock Patriotic
Classical Polka
Contemporary Christian Pop
Country Psychedelic
Covers Punk
Dance Quickstep
Decades Rap
Disco Reggae
Easy Listening Rhythym & Blues (R&B)
Foreign Rock
Folk Romantic
Formal Rumba
Foxtrot Salsa
Funk Samba
Garage Band Seasons
Graduation Slow Dance
Grunge Soft Rock Classics
Hawaiian Soft Rock Contemporary
Hip-Hop Soul
Holiday Sound Bytes
Hustle Sound Effects
Heavy Metal Southern Rock
Indie Rock Spanish
Instrumental Specialized
Irish Sports Anthems
Jazz Sports Fight Songs
Jingles Swing
Jive Tango
Karaoke Techno
Light Country Television Themes
Light Rock Tranquil
Line Dance Tribal
Mainstream Vienesse Waltz
Mambo Waltz
Memorial Wedding

Click Available Links Above For Further Information, Song Suggestions, Or Specific Details Regarding Our Services

And if by chance you've browsed through all the genres listed above and you still haven't found what you are looking for or would like to suggest a style for your event, please feel free to contact using the links to the right and offer your suggestions or comments. We will work hard at getting that specific genre or song in time for your next event.