Equipment Components

To ensure the success of every event we emcee, we work hard to make sure that we have the right equipment and that the equipment we use isn't out of date and headed for a breakdown. We offer several various packages which include various components and at the same time offer upgrades of additional equipment for a small fee. While not every package has all the equipment listed below, most come with a lot of the equipment you see listed and with upgrades in things like lighting, a good portion of the equipment will be brought to your event. As well, we always bring along back-ups of the necessary equipment just to make sure that the unexpected things that could happen won't jeopardize your event.

As this website grows, this equipment page will become more and more updated. As well, we will work to create links to each of the points listed below and include further information about each of the components you see. While there is no garauntee of what will be included with your event, rest assured that care and thought will be put into your event to make sure that the right equipment is brought along and that your event will be a success.

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Amp Logo Wear
Attire Microhone Reciever
Audio Cables Mirror Ball & Spotlight
Back-Up Amp Motion Lights
Back-Up Batteries Motion Sensor Lights
Back-up Cables Music Software
Back-Up Laptop Office Computer
Back-Up Hard Drive On-line Planner Sheets
Banana Clips Parcan Lights
Batteries Party Supplies
Business Cards Playlists
Camera Plug-In Microphone
CD Drive (Capability) Poles
CD Collection (Office) Power Cables
Clamps, Nuts, & Bolts Rack
Cordless Microphone Rope Lights
CPU Event Organizer Sign
Directions & Maps Sound Activiated Lights
DMX Controller Sound Board
Event Folder Speaker Cables
Event Specifics Speaker Stands
Flashlight Speakers
Hard-Drive Subwoofer
Headphones Table & Facia
Laptop Timeline(s)
LED Lights (Advanced) Toolbox
Light Controller Transport Trailer
Lighting Cables Trusses

Click Available Links Above For Further Information, Song Suggestions, Or Specific Details Regarding Our Services

If you have any suggestions for equipment that we should include on this page or equipment that you would like brought to your event, please don't hesitate to use the contact us section linked with this page and voice your concerns or offer your suggestions. As always, your feedback is gladly appreciated and remember that much care will be brought to make sure that your event is a success.