Service Details

As our company strives to remain on the cutting edge of mobile entertainment, we will constantly find ways to improve upon the services and products that we offer. Keeping that in mind, some of our most proudest acheivements are actually the introduction of some of our newest specialties. While there are several things that we offer only on a per request basis, most of the details that we've listed below are actually things that we offer for free for any client that books our services. Things like the on-line planner, music request system, unlimited consultations, and website are our unique services that allow our customers to customize their events down to every small detail. On the other end of that spectrum lies the games, prizes, and tournaments that we don't typically include with our services but instead are willing to go over the options, with any client, and offer these in time for their next event.

Perhaps there is little doubt that out of all the services listed within this website, the detailed services that are on this page are the most integral part to our company and the success of all our client's events. As our services section grows, so to will this section and as a result, we will continue to update and improve upon this page, eventually offering linked pages with more information about the specific things you see listed below.

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Additional Lighting Insured Services
Advanced Booking Karaoke Library
Advanced Requests Licensed Services
Announcements Long-Term Discounts
Availability Checking Maps & Directions
Awards Massive Music Library
Back-up Entertainers Music Knowledge
Back-up Equipment N.A.M.E. Membership
Contests Office Consultations
Costume Parties On-line Planning
Courteousness Phone Consultations
Current Hits Prizes
Customizable Packages Professional Attitudes
Dances Promotional Giveaways
Dedications Selectable Attire
Early Set-up Theme Music
Established Playlists Themed Events
Event Playlists Trivia
Event Requests Total Customization
Event Specifics Tournaments
Event Timelines Unlimited Consultations
Experience Various Entertainers
Favorite Hits Various Systems
Games Various Genres
In-Home Consultations Website

Click Available Links Above For Further Information, Song Suggestions, Or Specific Details Regarding Our Services

While we have taken the time to list many of the services that we offer on a consistent basis, we are certain that there are several other points and options that we perhaps neglected to list. If you have a specific service in mind that we did not list on this page or that you would like in time for your event but can't find any information on, please feel free to use the contact us section located on this page so that we may go over any further options.