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The entertainment industry is always evovling and changing directions. New services and techniques are constantly surfacing into the mainstream and changes take place on a daily basis. In order to make ends meet with client relations, we strive to always adapt our services to fit the needs of clients. However, there are always services on the horizon that we have yet to offer and still some that are just a toe-tap away.

While we are constantly updating our services, it is impossible to offer everything without giving and taking in other ways. Listed below are some of the services that we would like to offer in the subsequent future. Some services are more or less on the visible horizon, while some of the other services are still in the distance of Digital DJz capablities. We will continue to work hard at seeing to it that these, and other services still yet on the way, remain at the fore-front of our research and development program.

As this website grows, so to will the capability for you to learn more about our services coming soon and in the future will we provide links to these options and ask that you browse around those pages and links offering your suggestions.

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Artist Links
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Party Supplies
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Video Jockeying

Click Available Links Above For Further Information, Song Suggestions, Or Specific Details Regarding Our Services

If you know anything about the services listed above and would like to impart your knowledge on Digital DJz behalf or would like to enquire about whether or not one of the services listed would be ready in time for your next event, please feel free to contact us using the links to the right of this page. We welcome and suggestions and encourage you consider applying with our company (application found under company section) if you have experience with any of services and are looking for a promising career in entertainment.

Please note: Digital DJz makes no garauntee towards the availability or promise of the services listed above. While it is our desire to offer these services in the future, it may be a while before any of services listed above become realities. As well, thank you for your complete understanding of this matter.