The Ceremony

When two people find strength, hope, and laughter in each other and cast away the past for a united future, they are likely ready to become married. However, nothing can quite prepare them for that day and the ceremony that takes place marking an change in a new direction. The cermemony is the most important piece to the wedding puzzle in that vows, rings, and kisses are exchanged and a ordained individual resides over the event. Wedding ceremonies vary from culture to culture, but typically a wedding ceremony takes place after the processional and is the time that the bride & groom become one.

Often, the ceremony will take place at a place of worship or in a place sacred to the bride & groom thus marking a special place in the memories of those in attendance. Sometimes friends or family to the guests of honor will recite poems, prayers, or words of inspiration for the happy couple or a unity candle may be lit as a testament to the event. For other ceremonies, the bride & groom plan out elebrate events celebrating the things they enjoy most; I.E. skydiving, music. As well, there are several traditions passed through generations or cultures that are sometimes included in specific wedding ceremonies.

A Wedding Cermemony Taking Place In A Church

The particulars of a wedding ceremony are traditionally left up to those involved in planning it and whatever style, the details are beautiful showpieces to a wonderful event. The selected music for a wedding ceremony may range from nice and romantic to operatic classical to classic rock and contemporary, but often the music is a style that is attached to both the sentimental feelings of the bride and groom.

We have included a list of some of frequently used or popular ceremony songs below and we encourage our clients to go over the list and then look for them in our on-line database, listen to them, and decide whether or not that specific song is right for their needs. And if the song isn't and we don't have the song that they seek, we encourage them to contact us with their song suggestion or requests and we will work at getting that song in our database in time for their wedding ceremony.

Song Suggestions

You are not required to use a song on this list but are instead encouraged to select a song you feel would be most fitting for your ceremony.

Title Artist(s)

(Some of these songs may not be available on the smaller music systems.)