A wedding reception usually takes place after all the formal procedures from the ceremony are completed. The reception may take place in a hall, ballroom, or even outdoors and is almost always a party celebrating the union of husband and wife. (Sometimes receptions take place days, weeks, or even months after a wedding ceremony due to various issues.) Guests are encouraged to bring gifts and dress appropriately for an elegant evening. The reception usually includes a buffet or dinner menu along with beverages (some alcoholic in nature) and dessert. In traditional weddings the dessert involves an elaborate wedding cake decorated and adorned with things that revolve around and are up to the fancy of the bride and groom. Once everyone has eaten and the dessert portion of the evening has commenced, various dances and traditions take place according to the wishes of those who have planned the reception. The evening concludes with a final dance envolving the bride and groom and those still left celebrating at the reception. After the reception, a bride and groom often vacation at an exclusive location for what is known as the honeymoon.

A Wedding Party Dancing At A Wedding Reception

Once a ceremony is complete and a reception is ready to take place, the real fun usually begins. Most wedding planners plan a reception around celebratory food, dancing, and traditions. However, some planners choose to keep a reception low-key and of a social atmosphere. Whatever type of wedding reception you may be interested in providing for your guests, be sure that Digital DJz offers total customization and professional services for any wedding reception. In fact, we specialize in bringing our client's dreams concerning wedding receptions to life. We offer several various dances, music styles, traditions, song suggestions, and timelines specific to wedding receptions that can be totally customized to each individual client's needs as well.

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Grand Entrance
Cake Cutting
Bride & Groom Dance
Wedding Party Dance
Father / Daughter Dance
Mother / Son Dance
Parents Dance
Generation Dance
Snowball Dance
Dollar Dance
Dollar Race
Bouquet Toss
Garter Removal
Garter Toss
Sexy Dance
Garter Replacement
Last Dance

Click Available Links Above For Further Information, Song Suggestions, Or Specific Details Regarding Our Services

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Whatever you choose, we wish those planning out their wedding the best of luck in marriage and happiness in their new life as one.