The Parents Dance

As mentioned on some earlier pages, parents have always played in integral part in wedding ceremonies and often times are a deciding factor in the marraige of two persons. As a special way to honor the parents who might not get a chance to dance with their children during the formal dances, the parents dance was created. The parents dance is traditionally a dance between the parents of the bride and groom. However, the parents dance may include grandparents, close friends, or other family members and often is a symbol of the love between all parents and children. As well, the parents dance is a way for the bride and groom to share in their appreciation of their parents and the sanctity of family.

Parents Together For A Special Parents Dance

Traditionally, the parents dance song is one that symbolizes the appreciation and devotion that children have for their parents and is a song that marks familiarity in the minds of those dancing and observing. Usually a pleasant song from the generation of the parents who are dancing and one that holds prose in the memories of the bride and groom works best. Sometimes songs are chosen that hold a special place in those present because of some previous experience or memory gone by. For whatever type of parent dance song requested, Digital DJz comes prepared to entertain and offer customizable services. We've all have or have had parents and we too wish to honor and respect those in that position with music that puts a smile on their faces everytime.

We have included a list of some of frequently used or popular parents dance songs below and we encourage our clients to go over the list and then look for them in our on-line database, listen to them, and decide whether or not that specific song is right for their needs. And if the song isn't and we don't have the song that they seek, we encourage them to contact us with their song suggestion or requests and we will work at getting that song in our database in time for their wedding reception.

Song Suggestions

You are not required to use a song on this list but are instead encouraged to select a song you feel would be most fitting for your reception.

Title Artist(s)
Circle Of Life Elton John
The Dance Garth Brooks
I Cross My Heart George Strait
The Lady In Red Chris De Burgh
From A Distance Byrds, The
Keeper Of The Stars (New Version) Tracy Byrd
Amazed Lonestar

(Some of these songs may not be available on the smaller music systems.)