The Bouquet Toss

Sometimes traditions come from the strangest of places. While it is no strange occurence that a wedding should take take place when two people fall in love, the bouquet toss sure takes the cake as one of the strangest of wedding traditions. You see, when traditional weddings began to take form, it was considered lucky to have even stood next to a bride. Eventually, that luck was present in every fiber of a bride's garment and having a piece of that garment would mean the greatest of luck. For this reason, guests used to go to all length to claim a peice of a bride's garment. Eventually, this good luck was offered on part of the bride with the tossing of her bouquet to eligible participants and it was assumed that the catcher would recieve luck enough to find a mate of their own and someday marry. While this fact is perplexing, it sure does explain the garter removal and toss and certainly makes sense of the strange tradition of the bride tossing her bouquet to someone else.

A Bride Scopes Out Her Bouquet Catching Participants

As you have probably learned so far, there is no right or wrong when it comes to picking a song with the Digital DJz entertainers, you have probably also learned that some songs take the cake with certain traditions. When choosing a bouquet toss song, planners may want to consider songs that express womanhood or girl-power and that lighten the tossing of the bouquet. Often a contemporary song with lyrics that revolve around what it's like to be a woman will probably go over best, but there are several other options for this classic tradition as well. Planners should choose a song based around the style of the particular wedding reception that they are planning.

We have included a list of some of frequently used or popular bouquet toss songs below and we encourage our clients to go over the list and then look for them in our on-line database, listen to them, and decide whether or not that specific song is right for their needs. And if the song isn't and we don't have the song that they seek, we encourage them to contact us with their song suggestion or requests and we will work at getting that song in our database in time for their wedding reception.

Song Suggestions

You are not required to use a song on this list but are instead encouraged to select a song you feel would be most fitting for your reception.

Title Artist(s)
Girls Just Want To Have Fun Cyndi Lauper
Bad Girls Donna Summer
"Whipped Cream" (Dating Game Theme) Herb Albert
Girls Night Out Judds
California Girls Beach Boys
I'm A Slave 4 U Britney Spears
Wishin' And Hopin' Ani DiFranco
Oh, Pretty Woman Roy Orbison
This One's For The Girls Martina McBride
Another One Bites The Dust Queen
It's Raining Men Weather Girls
Single White Female Chely Wright
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Marilyn Monroe
Man! I Feel Like A Woman Shania Twain
Just A Girl No Doubt
Hey Ladies Beastie Boys

(Some of these songs may not be available on the smaller music systems.)