The Garter Removal

As expressed earlier in the bouquet toss section, some wedding traditions just come from the strangest of places. The garter removal is definitely one of those traditions. The garter removal actually began as a desire to get lucky so to speak, but not quite as you might expect. In early times, it was thought that having a piece of a bride's clothing would bring a person good luck. Well, it wouldn't take much longer after this idea took hold that people would even destroy a bride's dress just for some good luck. Eventually this worked itself into the groom removing the bride's garter and later throwing it to the present single males in the hopes that they might get lucky enough to later marry. It sure beats destroying a beautiful wedding dress, although I've heard that some new brides are into doing that sort of thing themselves, even in modern times. Dress destroying aside, the garter removal also symbolizes the grooms eventual deflowering of his bride and the loss of her virginity, although it is most relegated to the sharing of good luck. Whatever the reason or history, there's no doubt that the garter removal is a typical part of the traditional wedding reception.

A Groom Works Hard To Find His Bride's Garter

Considering that there really is such a crazy history to the garter removal, it makes sense the song typically selected for this tradiition is usually provacative, sultry, and often humorous for the moment. For those planning to include this tradition with their reception, they might want to consider a song that involves sex or sexiness as a main theme or could be interpreted as such. As well, another type of song that might go over well would be a song that expresses either womanhood or manhood or even a song capable of pumping up all the hormone levels in the room. Anyway, there is no right or wrong when it comes to selected a song for this tradition and even light classical or soft rock could go well nicely. As we say here at Digital DJz, it really is up to the people who are planning the event. And with our library finding the right song shouldn't be too difficult and instead we hope you get more laughs then anything else when you do find the right song.

We have included a list of some of frequently used or popular garter removal songs below and we encourage our clients to go over the list and then look for them in our on-line database, listen to them, and decide whether or not that specific song is right for their needs. And if the song isn't and we don't have the song that they seek, we encourage them to contact us with their song suggestion or requests and we will work at getting that song in our database in time for their wedding reception.

Song Suggestions

You are not required to use a song on this list but are instead encouraged to select a song you feel would be most fitting for your reception.

Title Artist(s)
Wild Thing Troggs
Heaven Bryan Adams
Kiss Prince
Oh Yeah Yello
Bad Boys Inner Circle
Another One Bites The Dust Queen
Curly Shuffle Jumpn' The Saddle
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Rod Stewart
Fever Peggy Lee
Gimme All Your Lovin ZZ Top
Let's Get It On Marvin Gaye
Macho Man Village People
Shameless Garth Brooks
Unchained Melody Righteous Brothers
U Can't Touch This MC Hammer
You Can Leave Your Hat On Joe Cocker / Tom Jones
Rub You The Right Way Johnny Gill
Hungry Eyes Eric Carmen
Oh, Pretty Woman Roy Orbison
Freak Me Silk
You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate
The Stripper David Rose
Legs ZZ Top
Theme From "Mission Impossible" Lalo Schifrin
Keep Your Hands To Yourself Georgia Satellites
Foxey Lady Jimi Hendrix
Welcome To The Jungle Guns N' Roses

(Some of these songs may not be available on the smaller music systems.)