The Sexy Dance

Most weddings are a fun time for the whole family and a tradition that holds strong in our memories from childhood. However, some wedding traditions and events may not hold strong in our childhood memories, perhaps because our parents rushed us out the door or covered our eyes when they happened. The garter removal and replacement are two of those traditions. Another up and coming tradition that parents typically shield the eyes of their children during is called the sexy dance. If you're not familiar with the sexy dance you are not alone because it is a newer tradition that is just starting to gain ground in modern weddings. The sexy dance started as a way to compensate for bouquet catchers who were too embarrased to have the bride's garter replaced on their legs by a strange man. By having both the bouquet and garter catchers compete in a dance off to see who can show off their sexiest moves the best, the garter replacement dillema was practically cured. (Woman, for some reason or another, typically win the sexy dance.) Once the sexy dance is complete and a winner is declared, the winner chooses what role they would like to take in the garter replacement. The sexy dance may not always be fun for the whole family, but it is certainly fun for those who are old enough to understand it.

Catchers Compete For The Sexy Dance Championship Title

When you first hear of the sexy dance, you instantly think provocative thoughts. That's why the music for the sexy dance is traditionally music that expresses sex. If you're not familiar with this type of music, heavy metal aside, imagine all the songs your parents didn't want you to hear growing up. That's usually the sexy dance style of music. Provocative, seductive, and of course sexy. But while these styles of song are the sure-fire winners for background music during the sexy dance, there is no right or wrong. Even light classical or soft rock might go well for the sexy dance for those who just aren't that prepared to push the envelope but would like to include this dance with their reception. Whatever song selected, Digital DJz utilizes experience and professionalism when it comes to the sexy dance.

We have included a list of some of frequently used or popular sexy dance songs below and we encourage our clients to go over the list and then look for them in our on-line database, listen to them, and decide whether or not that specific song is right for their needs. And if the song isn't and we don't have the song that they seek, we encourage them to contact us with their song suggestion or requests and we will work at getting that song in our database in time for their wedding reception.

Song Suggestions

You are not required to use a song on this list but are instead encouraged to select a song you feel would be most fitting for your reception.

Title Artist(s)
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Rod Stewart
Freak Me Silk
You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate
The Stripper David Rose
I'm Too Sexy Right Said Fred

(Some of these songs may not be available on the smaller music systems.)