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What Are Links?

To put it quite simply, links are a connection between two webpages. Digital Dreamz & Journeyz posts links of businesses we associate with and possibly trade services with regarding photography matters. Basically our links are our "friends in the business". Without them, we couldn't offer services as efficiently as we do.


Why Can't We Be Friends?

If you own or manage a business in the photography field and you think a friendship between our company and yours could give us both more to gain than lose, give us a buzz and who knows, maybe we'll become friends. Hey if we do, we'll post a link to your site on this page free of charge.

I Know A Place

Do you know of a really great business in the photography field that we might go hand and hand with? If you do and you think our services might be a perfect match, feel free to contact us by using our e-mail address and offering your suggestion for what you think could be a match made in heaven and capture the world by surprise.

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