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As a visitor to this site, you may have gathered that we are part of a larger company which in turn provides various event planning options. It should be no surprise to learn then that our company began devoloping its roots around the same time that our brother company began offering its disc jockey services. However, since that time, Digital Dreamz and Journeyz has grown into its own entity and we have steadily begun making our debut onto several different forms of videography. At the present time we contract several photographers and assistants and assign them clients directly, so that they may only provide the company's services to clients. The company currently offers event, portrait, and landscape videography as well as total customization and event planning to fit around our client's needs.

A Sign Of Holy Matrimony

Over the years, we have encountered many interesting and revolutionary new technologies and have utilized many different techniques that we apply to our videography services. However, at this time, Digital Dreamz & Journeyz is most proud of its level of professionalism and quality of workmanship that goes out to every client who hires our services and we currently are looking into offering even more options for potential clients. As of right now, we are currently updadting this page so that in the near future you will have the option to follow links to various sections to learn more about our company and see the individual work of our professional photographers.


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